Priorities: Little Girl Leaves Red Sox Player’s Autograph Line and Instead Asks ‘Hero’ Army Reservist to Sign Her Ball

When you have been taught the right values ..

From FaithWire

A little girl was in line to get an autograph from a Boston Red Sox player during the team’s open house at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida, on Saturday, when the child noticed a uniformed Army reservist standing nearby.

Rather than simply carrying on with her quest to get a MLB player’s signature, Makenna Woodburn, 7, hopped out of line, walked over to reservist Olyvia Russell and asked the soldier for her autograph, WKMG-TV reported.

It was a touching move that’s gaining some attention.

“She said, ‘I’m not a player,’ and she asked if I still wanted her to sign it, and I said yes,” Woodburn told WINK-TV. “Because she’s the hero instead of baseball players.”

A photo of Woodburn asking for the signature has since gone viral; the little girl has since said she plans to bring the ball into school for show-and-tell, and plans to use her allowance to get a case for it.

“This little girl, she proves to me that what I’m doing in life is OK,” Russell said after the encounter, calling it “one of the weirdest best feelings ever.” “And I’m doing something that’s good enough.”

Woodburn’s mother, Angie, was also impacted by the encounter, saying her eyes were “filled with tears” and her heart “was just overflowing” when she saw her child’s kind act.

“She’s an incredible kid, and she amazes me with the way she thinks and the things she appreciates and the things she realizes at such a young age,” she told WINK-TV of her daughter.

So, there you have it. This little girl clearly recognizes real-life heroes for what they are.




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