NYPD, FBI team up to investigate Hamas funding, high-ranking police source says

Published November 18, 2023

The NYPD has ramped up its investigations into funders of Hamas since the Oct. 7 attacks in Israel, a high-ranking law enforcement source said.

“We have had an investigation into anyone funding Hamas for a long time,” the source said. “Clearly, we have been looking more closely since 10/7.”


SOURCE: www.nypost.com

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Questions remain over how funds enter the Gaza Strip, and who the beneficiaries are.

Published November 14, 2023

As the war between Israel and Hamas enters its second month, the militant group’s sources of funding are coming under closer scrutiny.

The United States has signalled its intent to impose fresh sanctions targeting not just Hamas members, but also those affiliated to the group.


Behind Hamas lies a complex financial web that draws from taxing Palestinians, and a vast investment portfolio with assets spread across several countries in the region.

Key international donors, including countries such as Iran and Qatar, also contribute to Hamas’ budget.

Mr Stephen Reimer, a senior research fellow at London-based defence and security think tank the Royal United Services Institute, told CNA’s Asia Tonight on Wednesday (Nov 10) that Hamas’ highly sophisticated financial support network means its war chest will likely be funded beyond the current conflict.


SOURCE: www.channelnewsAsia.com

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Published November 2, 2023

The US Treasury Department has imposed two rounds of sanctions on key Hamas-linked officials and financial networks in the past two weeks, following the 7 October attacks on Israel.

The measures target the Palestinian militant group’s external fundraising, which includes its secret investment portfolio: A series of investments largely comprising stakes in real estate companies that are spread mainly across the Arab world and held by Hamas supporters, according to Jonathan Schanzer, former counter-terrorism financial analyst at the US Department of the Treasury.

The organisation’s followers grant Hamas access to the funds by transferring the business proceeds to the group “in underhand ways,” explained Schanzer, now senior vice president for research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.


SOURCE: www.euronews.com



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