O’Reilly Just Made a BOLD Prediction that has Libtard Heads EXPLODING

Bill O’Reilly is predicting a “GREAT” Summer for Trump.

O’Reilly believes Trump is  winning the war against the fake news media, and he can ride this wave to tremendous success and change for the country.

From Bill O’Reilly

The anti-Trump media is being forced to admit that the European trip is going well.  By “forced” I mean that there is so much scrutiny on organizations like CNN, that they are under pressure not to distort what is actually occurring – at least in the short term.
So you could say that the President’s all out assault on “fake news” is working.  The public is now tuned into the unfairness factor – they are looking for it.
When President Trump returns to the USA, he will be in a strong position for a change.  The economy is doing well and his appeal to Europe to aggressively uphold western values was a winner.
So, the President would be wise to ignore the media for a while and get some kind of health care thing passed.  Then segue quickly into the tax cuts.
Along with that, he should champion Kate’s Law so the democratic senators voting against it will be spotlighted.
Could be a productive summer for the President.
Ref.: http://truthfeed.com/oreilly-just-made-a-bold-trump-prediction-that-has-libtard-heads-exploding/89195/


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