Oroville Spillways Update August 9, 2018

Image (February 2017): Oroville Dam Spillway May Have Collapsed at Its Center

Work continues around the clock on the Oroville Spillway with concrete taking center stage. Structural concrete, destined for a flood control outlet wall, is cooled with liquid nitrogen to meet the required 60-degree Fahrenheit maximum temperature.

A concrete truck makes its way through the construction site to a pump truck located adjacent to the chute. Concrete is loaded into the hopper and pumped to the placement crew positioned on top of a wall form. Over a five- to six-hour period, the crew places, and then finishes the wall concrete. During placement, other nearby crews continue finishing a recently placed slab and flies in steel and forms for a future wall.


By California DWR

Oroville Spillway 360 Flyover August 10, 2018


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