Pat Caddell: Hillary Clinton ‘Looks Kind of Hysterical … Making Wild Attacks’ as Polls Shift

Citing shifting polls and bad news for Hillary Clinton as the investigation into her email scandal was reinvigorated this week, Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday that Clinton “looks kind of hysterical, out there making wild attacks now and going crazy.”

Clinton began claiming that there are ties between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Russia while on the stump after a story broke via Slate; however, the New York Timesquickly debunked the item.

Caddell continued, “I think they don’t know what to do,” also pointing out that Hillary Clinton’s unfavorables appear to be “at their highest” in the latest polling. He then stated that he turned on his television Tuesday morning to find that the “hysteria on MSNBC was palpable,” seemingly in response to the same news.

“This thing will move in its own direction,” he added. “But I think this thing could be coalescing because it’s not just the emails. It is the larger attitudes about the country.”

While saying it was too early to be certain, he said the election was beginning to look somewhat like 1980 to him–when the presidential race broke wide open for Ronald Reagan over Democrat Jimmy Carter near the end.

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