Pelosi on Clinton Emails: ‘Let’s Just Move On From This’

Democrats just don’t care about the law!

WASHINGTON — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi just wants to “move on” from Hillary Clinton’s email troubles.

When asked by The Daily Caller about the military veteran who questioned Clinton Wednesday night at the presidential forum why he should support her when he would be in prison for treating classified information the same way she did, Pelosi responded: “What I did see of the reporting last night was that she handled that question very well. What she did was not something that endangered our national security. She said she shouldn’t have done it that way. It raises questions.”

Pelosi went on, “That’s unfortunate, but as I have said it’s much ado about something, but too much about it. Hillary Clinton is in no way — I don’t want to use the wrong word here. You probably expect me to use the word ‘responsible.’ I think that she — let’s just move on from this.”

“I have served on the intelligence committee since the early 90’s—longer than anybody here. I know of what I speak about classification and how careful we all are about not even acknowledging something that we may have learned in a classified setting and I don’t think Hillary Clinton did that,” Pelosi added.

Source: Daily Caller 


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