Police break up Jewish ultranationalist march through Muslim quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City

Protest by Jewish ultranationalists in the Old City of Jerusalem, on December 7.JAIME VILLANUEVA
Published December 8, 2023

Just under 100 protesters, who were stripped of their banners, demanded that Israel take control of holy Muslim sites

The Jewish ultranationalist march that was going to cross the Muslim neighborhood of the Old City of Jerusalem Thursday night barely managed to bring together 100 people and was unable to advance more than 50 meters. Their objective was for Jews to claim absolute control of the city, especially the sites that are sacred to Muslims. The police — who outnumbered the protesters — halted the march and took away their banners. There was a bit of struggle, but no altercations. Jako, 15, made it clear why he was marching. He held a sign reading “A bullet in the head of every terrorist” — a message that was seen on other signs. “We have to kill all the Arabs,” he said, with his face covered.

Minutes later, his cardboard sign — which featured a shiny gold projectile — was in the hands of the officers. The protesters’ only weapon was to chant and shout before the march broke up an hour later. The demonstrators mixed historical demands with chants about Israel’s current war against Hamas, which was launched after the October 7 attack.


SOURCE: www.english.elpais.com

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Police block a far-right march from entering the Old City on December 7, 2023. (Jeremy Sharon/Times of Israel)
Published December 7, 2023

A far-right march organized by Kahanists and Jewish ultranationalists is stopped in its tracks by a large police force, water cannon and mounted police.

The police had approved the march, which was supposed to have gone through the Muslim Quarter, and it is unclear why the march was stopped at the last moment.

Marchers brought along inflammatory signs including one calling for a bulldozer to be brought to the Temple Mount, alluding to the protest’s declared goals of destroying the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock shrine at the holy site.

Police confiscated many of the posters and arrested one demonstrator before blocking the route of the protest down the northern side of the Old City of Jerusalem and towards the Damascus Gate where the marchers had been slated to enter.


SOURCE: www.timesofIsrael.con

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Concerns have been raised that march organized by ultranationalists could spark unrest in capital and anger Arab Israeli community

Long time Kahanist political operative Baruch Marzel speaks at the launch of the far-right ‘Otzma Yehudit’ party campaign, ahead of the Israeli elections, in Jerusalem on February 15, 2020. (Yonatan Sindel/ Flash90/ File)
Published December 6, 2023

Two far-right ultranationalist organizations and multiple Temple Mount activist groups are set to conduct a march through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem on Thursday night to call for the reestablishment of “Jewish control” over the holy site.

The event, entitled “March of the Maccabees” — since it is taking place on the first night of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah — will proceed through the Damascus Gate and into the Muslim Quarter, pass by the offices of the Jordanian Waqf which administers the Temple Mount, and finish by the ramp to the Mughrabi Gate, the entrance to the Temple Mount for non-Muslims located outside the Western Wall plaza.


SOURCE: www.thetimesofisrael.com



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