PROOF Europe’s #NoBanNoWallNoRaids is a MASSIVE FAILURE

This shocking video illustrates the refugee take-over of Europe.

If this keeps up, soon there will be no “English culture” left in England and it will be replaced by ruins and Sharia Law.


After letting in a million islamic migrants in the name of liberalism, things have been going very poorly for German leader Angela Merkel.

Germany’s culture has been decimated and been replaced with one of violence, sexual assault, and fear.

Her party has already lost 2 regional elections including one in her hometown and one in Berlin. 

Merkel is now losing in polls and may not get re-elected.

In her desperation, she’s trying to partially undo her disastrous move by literally PAYING the same exact islamic refugees she let in to now LEAVE.

The moral of the story is don’t let in Islamic “refugees” in the FIRST PLACE.

From DailyMail

Angela Merkel will offer cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to leave Germany in an effort to silence criticism of her ‘open-door’ border policy.

In a highly-embarrassing U-turn over the ill-fated plan, which saw 1.2million migrants flock to the country, Mrs Merkel has now vowed to send many of them home.

The German chancellor agreed a package of measures to speed up the deportation process for an estimated 450,000 migrants who have been rejected asylum.

The controversial plan, which marks a significant toughening of previous proposals, includes a £76million scheme that will offer migrants cash incentives to leave Germany voluntarily.

Many will see the move as a desperate attempt for Miss Merkel to claw back support ahead of her challenging re-election bid in September.

Criticism of her decision to leave Germany’s borders open and welcome all refugees during Europe’s migration crisis in 2015 has led to a surge in support for anti-immigrant parties.

Miss Merkel admitted that relying solely on migrants putting themselves forward for deportation would fail to tackle the huge backlog of rejected requests.

‘We rely heavily on voluntary departures, but we know that voluntary departures will not take place if people know that there is never a mandatory return to their home country,’ she said.


Germany’s Merkel pushes for faster deportations of failed asylum seekers

The aim is to get more failed asylum seekers out of Germany – and faster. Chancellor Angela Merkel and state governors have agreed to push for a stepping up of deportations of those who do not have the right to stay in the country.

State governments are in charge of deportations at the moment, but it has become clear the federal government now wants more of a say.

“We believe this is necessary and we should do this because we want to be able to maintain the ability to help those who are entit…

BREAKING EUROPE Merkel and her Migrants. What comes Next?

ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS EXPLAINING THE SO CALLED IMMIGRANT CRISIS. This video was posted on YouTube by Black Pigeon Speaks I suggest you look at his YouTube channel.. As Solomon and Maqdisi point out, the Hijra is a comprehensive and direct political attempt to undermine the culture and values of the host country and replace them with Islam and shari’ah. It is an insidious migration seeking transformation of the culture, behaviors, customs, rules and laws of a host society to spread Islam and establish an Islamic state. The stages of the Hijra are very much evident in varying degrees in all Western societies today. Ironically, our open democratic societies with constitutionally mandated freedoms of speech, religion and assembly have facilitated this march toward the very demise of our way of life.

“Modern Day Trojan Horse” should be required reading for all citizens of Western democracies who urgently need to understand the Hijra and the threat it represents. The book sounds the alarm for the cautious evaluation of what may appear to be innocent religious practice in our midst but has sinister motives to transform our societies forever. We see staggering numbers of immigrants from Muslim countries in Europe, the Americas and now in Australia; too often not to integrate and become Australians, but to form segregated communities based on religious apartheid and demand room and respect in the wider community for Islamic laws, Islamic finances, food and divisive customs. Do our politicians and community leaders understand that jihad, terror and military conquest are merely the other side of the same coin?



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