Proof Of Huge Democrat Election Fraud – Mail Returned, Votes Still Cast

Stan Vaughan was a candidate in Nevada’s assembly district 15, who has huge proof of fraud in his district. It’s the Democrat kind that involves falsified, non-existent voters who somehow still managed to cast votes. In 9,200 instances, the persons supposedly registered to vote don’t live at the address provided, as verified by Mr. Vaughan’s clever idea to send an individual piece of mail to registrations in which he had reasons to question their validity. Las Vegas, and the State of Nevada, at a minimum have a huge problem but it’s likely much larger than that.

He conducted a random check of 200 of the registrants whose mail was returned by the US Post Office as being invalid and found that 185 of them still voted. If that factor of 92.5% fraudulent voting is extended out to the 9,200 pieces of returned mail, there were 8,510 fraudulent votes cast in Mr. Vaughan’s district.

As bad as that is, the problem is much worse. Mr. Vaughan has the Election Department cumulative daily voter turnout rolls in which some serious and impossible anomalies were found to exist. Through November 2nd the reports indicated that 10,000 people in his district had voted and as of two days later another 2,466 had voted. However, 1,900 votes by independents, 3rd party and non-partisan voters disappeared in that two day period of time.

At the same time another 3,200 increase in Democrat turnout was registered while 1,000 Republicans are shown to have voted. The total number of votes recorded during that two day period was 2, 466. There’s no way the number of votes cast could have decreased without fraud being involved and the totals simply don’t match up. Somebody is monkeying with the system and generating 180% voter turnout as well.

“Edward Snowden, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and dozens of movie stars were registered to vote and when Mr. Vaughan attempted to vote for himself he was informed that he had already voted. Others reported a similar experience and all were given provisional ballots which would only be counted if the vote total was within 1%.

Provided the Democrats were able to maintain a cushion of 1% in their fraudulent vote levels, his and many other American votes are never counted, effectively nullified by the Democrats, including what are surely many illegal aliens. President-elect Trump lost the state by only 27,000 votes.  The fraud exposed by Mr. Vaughan represents roughly a third of that number, in just one small district representing 1/42 of the state’s voters.




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