Psychological warfare and K-pop: South Korea to blast loudspeakers at North Korea

A worker dismantles loudspeakers that were set up for propaganda broadcasts near the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas in Paju, South Korea, May 1, 2018. REUTERS/Kim… Purchase Licensing Rights
Published June 9, 2024
SEOUL, June 9 (Reuters) – South Korea said on Sunday it would resume loudspeaker broadcasts at the border directed at North Korea for the first time in six years as a response to balloon launches by Pyongyang sending trash to the South.
The following are some facts about the broadcasts as tensions once again heighten on the Korean peninsula.


Up to 24 high-power speakers are stacked in large stationary racks as tall as 6 metres (20 ft)and 3 metres wide and positioned at different locations just south of the barbed wire fence marking the southern edge of the Demilitarized Zone border.
Other units are mobile and mounted on trucks.
South Korea’s military operates the speaker system and the broadcasts.
At maximum output, the speakers blast voice and music more than 20 km (12.4 miles) into North Korea, far enough to reach many soldiers and civilians.


Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye said in 2016 the loudspeaker broadcasts were “the most effective form of psychological warfare” and they had encouraged North Koreans to risk their lives and defect to freedom in the South.


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Published June 9, 2024

SEOUL – South Korea will begin loudspeaker broadcasts directed at North Korea on Sunday that will be “unbearable” for the Kim Jong Un regime, its National Security Council said, after Pyongyang resumed sending balloons carrying trash across the border.

The Council met on Sunday morning, after dozens of balloons with trash attached were found in Seoul and in areas near the border earlier in the day and overnight.

“The measures we will take may be unbearable for the North Korean regime but they will send a message of hope and light to the North’s troops and its people,” the Council said.

South Korea has warned it would take “unendurable” measures against the North for sending the trash balloons, which could include blaring propaganda broadcasts from huge loudspeakers set up at the border directed at the North.

Pyongyang started sending balloons carrying trash and manure across the border in May and has said the move was in retaliation to anti-North leaflets flown by South Korean activists as part of a propaganda campaign.



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Over the weekend, North Korea sent 330 balloons carrying 15 tonnes of rubbish into South Korea. Now, Seoul says it will restart loudspeaker broadcasts on the border, which will be “unbearable for the North Korean regime”.

South Korea will restart its loudspeaker broadcasts to North Korea after balloons dumped rubbish in the south. Pic: AP
Published June 9, 2024

South Korea has vowed to blast “unbearable” noise at North Korea for the first time since 2018 after Pyongyang sent more sewage-filled balloons over the border.

Seoul’s national security council said on Sunday it will restart loudspeaker broadcasts of anti-North Korean propaganda after 330 balloons dropped 15 tonnes of rubbish in South Korea throughout the weekend.

Three waves of sewage-filled balloonsfilled with manure, cigarette butts, scraps of cloth, batteries and wastepaper, have been sent into the south since May.

South Korea’s security council said: “The measures we will take may be unbearable for the North Korean regime, but they will send a message of hope and light to the North’s troops and its people.”




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