Yale law professor reveals why Trump isn’t a convicted felon despite guilty verdict

Jed Rubenfeld, 65, made the argument this week on his podcast, ‘Straight Down the Middle.’ Rubenfeld is a legal professor at Yale Law School
Published June 9, 2024

A professor at Yale Law has claimed Trump is not a convicted felon despite his recent guilty verdict in New York.

Jed Rubenfeld, 65, made the statement this week on his podcast, ‘Straight Down the Middle.’

Citing state law, he said the ex-president is not a convicted felon until a judge enters a judgment of guilty at his sentencing.

The 2024 Republican presumptive nominee is set to be sentenced on July 11, potentially sending him to prison right in time for the Republican National Convention.

In the meantime, Rubenfeld described several ‘avenues’ Trump’s attorneys could take to make that not happen  – like suing in federal court to stop the conviction.

‘If you’ve been reading about this case – that Trump is already a convicted felon, the jury has convicted him, he’s a convicted felon – well, guess what: that’s not true,’ the legal expert began.

‘You’re not a convicted felon because of a jury verdict. You’re not convicted unless the judge enters a judgment of guilt against you.’

He reiterated: ‘The judge still has the power, as I told you before, to throw out that verdict and enter a judgment of acquittal.

‘You are not convicted until the judge enters that judgment of guilt.’

‘Now, in New York, it’s very likely that Judge Merchan will enter that judgment of guilt against Trump on the same day that he issues sentencing,’ Rubenfeld explained.


SOURCE: www.dailymail.co.uk

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Yale Law professor Jed Rubenfeld launched a new podcast, suggesting how it was a “very bad look for this country” to criminally target a former president.

Former President Donald Trump at the Manhattan Criminal Court room Talking to the pool and in courtroom at trial in NYC May 30 2024. Mark Peterson/Pool via REUTERS(via REUTERS)
Published June 9, 2024

Following last week’s hush money trial in Manhattan, former President Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records related to the 2016 payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels around the time of the then-presidential election.

The 2024 Republican presumptive nominee will be sentenced on July 11, which could ultimately send him to prison just in time for the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

However, in the meantime, Yale Law professor Jed Rubenfeld has launched a new podcast, ‘Straight Down the Middle,’ arguing that the ex-president is not yet a convicted felon. Further dissecting how Trump’s legal team could soften the blow of the criminal trial’s verdict on the upcoming presidential elections, Rubenfeld weighed in on the options the former president has.

The Constitution law professor argued that while Trump could challenge the conviction with an appeal through the New York Appeals Court system as a means to move the Supreme Court, it “would take years” to work in his favour and could even deal out “irreparable harm.”


SOURCE: www.hindustantimes.com

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Published June 9, 2024

A Yale Law professor suggests there is another strategy former President Donald Trump’s legal team could pursue to limit the impact of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case on the 2024 presidential election, after a New York jury found the former president guilty of 34 felony counts of falsified business records.

In a newly-created podcast, titled Straight Down the Middle, Yale Law Professor Jed Rubenfeld took a look at what legal options Trump’s defense team have been left with following the jury’s verdict, as well as the appeal process that is slated to soon take place.

The most obvious path for Trump’s legal team to take in an effort to challenge the conviction is that of an appeal through the New York Appeals Court system in hopes of ending up at the Supreme Court – a process that Rubenfeld argued will take years to complete and could result in “irreparable harm.”

“Of course that would take years, and that’s a problem here. Why is it a problem? It’s a problem because the election will have taken place and if this conviction is unlawful and unconstitutional, it could have an effect on that election,” Rubenfeld, a Constitutional law professor, said on his podcast.

Pointing to surveys that show a “substantial number” of voters from the American electorate who say they will still vote for Trump in the upcoming presidential election if he is a convicted felon, Rubenfeld said, “If that’s true, an unlawful conviction in this case could interfere with, and in fact decide the outcome of, the next election of the next President of the United States.”


SOURCE: www.nypost.com


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