Rebecca Hagelin “Thank God for Kellyanne Conway”

By Rebecca Hagelin – WashingtonTimes

She’s one of the smartest, most kind, most thoughtful people you could ever hope to meet. And the mass media are intent on destroying her.

Kellyanne Conway made history as the nation’s first female manager of a successful presidential campaign.

Yet the mass media have not, and will not, ever sincerely congratulate her as the woman who broke that glass ceiling.

In a “progressive” world where the media should be heralding Kellyanne as the woman who crafted an historic victory, their singular goal is to crush her.

One reason they continuously attack Kellyanne personally and professionally is obvious: She is a smart conservative woman.

Smart conservative women who dare reject the pro-abortion, man-denigrating feminist agenda have endured such scorn for decades. Most of us learned, as my own conservative activist mother taught me, to just “roll with the punches.”

Kellyanne has always taken her share of unsavory remarks in stride and with tremendous grace. She knows the hypocritical scorn just comes with the turf. After all, how dare a woman speak her thoughts if those views are contrary to what the liberal media think she should be saying?

But the deeper reason for the particularly venomous attacks aimed at Kellyanne is so simple that it’s sophomoric: The media are professionally embarrassed that Donald Trump won the election despite their repeated attempts to kill his campaign. So, they have decided to destroy the one who made that victory possible.

Donald Trump is proving to be a bold, courageous president, the likes of which we have not seen in our lifetime. (When once I seriously doubted him, I now thank God for Donald Trump.

Yes, he drew record crowds on the campaign trail and understood the disgust that the “forgotten man and woman” feel for the bureaucratic power brokers who left them, their families and America behind.

But it was Kellyanne’s expertise in helping Mr. Trump hone his message as a candidate, encouraging him along the way to “tell it like it is,” that provided the margin of victory he needed to win.

While the media elites publicly ignore the fact that Kellyanne made history and should be lauded as a role model for all women who have struggled in the male-dominated political arena, they secretly obsess over the fact that she beat their pants off.

This same hypocritical media that scorns others when they judge women by their looks or clothing, is fixated on this particular woman’s hair, makeup and clothes.

The same media that champion the so-called “equality” issues, has decided to deride the very woman — the only woman — who proved to the world that a lone female political strategist can outsmart the entire industries of media, polling, and the ruling political class.

And they really can’t accept the fact that their woman, Hillary Clinton, was beaten by a man whose “right hand man” is actually a conservative lady.

Thank God, Kellyanne continues to fight and win. And mark my words: She will keep fighting, with millions of Americans cheering her on.


Because every time Kellyanne steps into the media ring and takes one in the gut and then recovers brilliantly, she does so for all of us who are tired of being pummeled with lies.

Each time she makes herself vulnerable and ends up eloquently dominating in a hostile interview, she speaks for the masses who rightly feel like their voices are seldom heard.

Kellyanne Conway outsmarted the media, and they are going bonkers. But here’s what they still don’t get: The hard-working, bill-paying, middle American moms and dads are sick and tired of the political and media elites. To them, Kellyanne Conway is, and always will be, both a lady and a hero.

Try as the media may to destroy Kellyanne Conway, you can count on them having their heads politely handed to them, once again, by this remarkable woman.




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