Record breaking cold weather hits Australia’s south east – UAH reports the Lowest global temperature anomaly in last 2 years (Updated 05.07.2017)

NO WONDER it was difficult getting out of bed this morning. If you’re desperate for days to get warmer, we have some good news.

Temperatures plummeted across Australia’s south east on the weekend.

WAS it difficult getting out from under the doona this weekend? Did you shiver on the way to work this morning? Well spare a thought for the people of Deniliquin.

The mercury in the NSW town, close to the Murray River, sank to -5.6C early on Sunday morning — that’s the coldest it’s been for 110 years.

It was even more icy further north as winter records were broken across NSW and Victoria — some towns recorded their coldest morning ever.

It’s so freezing, the NSW Fire and Rescue Service has been forced to warn people not to fire up barbecues indoors.

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Frost was widespread over much of Victoria and eastern NSW on Monday morning. Picture: Sky News Weather.Source:Supplied

But, on the bright side, snow starved ski resorts can look forward to the first dumps for a while.

“Yes, it’s still cold. The average minimum in Canberra is 0C in July so -7C is well below average,” Sky News Weather meteorologist Tom Saunders told on Monday.

There should be a slight respite this week with temperatures heading back towards the winter average.

But a front powering its way towards South Australia could see gale force winds with a severe weather warning issued for parts of the state.

We were warned of a cold weekend and it certainly came to pass with widespread frost across inland areas.

A lingering high pressure system has brought clear skies to much of the country’s south east. While that has seen pleasant days, the lack of cloud cover has seen all that daytime heat escape leading to bitterly cold nights.

Early on Saturday morning, the nation’s capital fell to -8.7C, the coldest in 46 years. Three consecutive nights below -7C was also a first for 46 years.

Goulburn fell to -10C on Sunday, it’s coldest start to the day in 17 years. It was only a little better first thing on Monday morning plunging to -9.4C.

Parts of Sydney’s west got down to almost -2C on Monday morning, while the CBD’s 5.4C start to Sunday was the coldest night for two years.

Melbourne’s CBD got even lower on Sunday, just creeping above freezing to 0.8C.

Elsewhere in Victoria, the Latrobe Valley was -4.8C, the coldest for three decades. Sale’s low of -6.6C on Monday was its coldest ever recorded temperature.


Cooling: UAH reports the Lowest global temperature anomaly in last 2 years

UAH Global Temperature Update for June, 2017: +0.21 deg. C

by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Lowest global temperature anomaly in last 2 years (since July, 2015)

The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for June, 2017 was +0.21 deg. C, down from the May, 2017 value of +0.44 deg. C (click for full size version):

Global area-averaged lower tropospheric temperature anomalies (departures from 30-year calendar monthly means, 1981-2010). The 13-month centered average is meant to give an indication of the lower frequency variations in the data; the choice of 13 months is somewhat arbitrary… an odd number of months allows centered plotting on months with no time lag between the two plotted time series. The inclusion of two of the same calendar months on the ends of the 13 month averaging period causes no issues with interpretation because the seasonal temperature cycle has been removed as has the distinction between calendar months.

The global, hemispheric, and tropical LT anomalies from the 30-year (1981-2010) average for the last 18 months are:
2016 01 +0.55 +0.73 +0.38 +0.84
2016 02 +0.86 +1.19 +0.52 +0.99
2016 03 +0.76 +0.99 +0.54 +1.10
2016 04 +0.72 +0.86 +0.58 +0.93
2016 05 +0.53 +0.61 +0.45 +0.71
2016 06 +0.32 +0.47 +0.17 +0.38
2016 07 +0.37 +0.43 +0.30 +0.48
2016 08 +0.43 +0.53 +0.32 +0.50
2016 09 +0.45 +0.50 +0.39 +0.38
2016 10 +0.42 +0.42 +0.41 +0.46
2016 11 +0.46 +0.43 +0.49 +0.36
2016 12 +0.26 +0.26 +0.27 +0.23
2017 01 +0.33 +0.32 +0.33 +0.09
2017 02 +0.39 +0.58 +0.19 +0.07
2017 03 +0.23 +0.37 +0.09 +0.06
2017 04 +0.27 +0.29 +0.26 +0.22
2017 05 +0.44 +0.39 +0.49 +0.41
2017 06 +0.21 +0.32 +0.09 +0.39

NOTE: We have added the Metop-B satellite to the processing stream, with data since mid-2013. The Metop-B satellite has its orbit actively maintained, so the AMSU data from it does not require corrections from orbit decay or diurnal drift. As a result of adding this satellite, most of the monthly anomalies since mid-2013 have changed, by typically a few hundredths of a degree C. The 1979-2017 linear trend remains at +0.12 C/decade.


The CO2 magic is clearly just as FAKE as the Democrats, MSM, Bill Nye, Albert Gore and Barry O. Bummer’s birth certificate.

Hiding Past Heat In The US – The Record Hot July 4th Of 1911

America’s hottest July 4th occurred when atmospheric CO2 was close to 300 PPM. Government scientists don’t want you to know about it.

Record Cold July in Arctic & Squaw Valley & Tahoe First Time Ever July 4th Skiing

Contrary to what the media is rattling off about above normal temperatures in the Arctic, the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) shows that temperatures are record low and just 1C above freezing. Also for the first time ever in history Squaw Valley and Tahoe ski areas will remain open for July 4th skiing and beyond. There is still so much snow up in the mountains that mountain biking and hiking is dangerous because of the still deep snows.

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Why do CO2 lag behind temperature?

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