+ “Record Forest Fires”

Image: Greenland Gained 349 Billion Tonnes of Ice Over the Past Year + Record October SMB Gains

Related: No, Climate Change Is Not Turning the Amazon into a Savannah

Video: Tony Heller
The press is lying about “record forest fires” – just like they do about everything else.


Latest New York Times Climate Fraud

Video: Tony Heller
The New York Times and Twitter are currently spreading spectacular misinformation about fires in Brazil


UK set for its Coldest October on Record

Cold, Snow, and Epic Flooding: “the weather in Slovakia is reminiscent of the apocalypse”

According to the MSM, Global Warming could still make it too COLD to Grow Citrus Fruits in Southeast U.S.

Ref.: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/10/16/friday-funny-josh-on-the-green-tree-deal/

President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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