Record pink rough diamond found by Alrosa subsidiary in Siberia

The rough diamond has dimensions of 22.47 x 15.69 x 10.9 mm, and the pink stone is almost free of inclusions.

Gem weights in at 27.85 carats, and may become the most expensive polished diamond in the company’s history.

Colored diamonds weighing over 10 carats are extremely rare and recovered about once a year. It was found by subsidiary Almazy Anabara which operates the Severalmaz kimberlite pipes and placer deposits. ‘The unique characteristics of the diamond make it an extraordinary, rare stone of high value,’ said Evgeny Agureev,  head of USO Alrosa

‘Currently, experts of the United Selling Organization of Alrosa and the company’s polishing division Diamonds Alrosa are examining the stone to make the decision whether to auction it as a rough or cut it into polished diamond.

‘Large stones, especially coloured, are always in demand at auctions. ‘But if the company decided to cut it, it would become the most expensive diamond in the entire history of Alrosa.’



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