WOW! Trump Supporter Exposes How Dems Keep Screwing Over Black Americans

When it comes to the Democrats, no other political party in American history has had such a longstanding monopoly on identity politics and race baiting.

For years, the Democrat Party has used minorities for votes, coming out of the woodwork to “care” about them during election time, then tossing them aside and going back to their wealthy elite friends.

During the 2016 election, especially with the use of the internet and social media, the left’s tactics of using minorities to bolster their votes became exposed thoroughly, permanently changing things for the Democrats.

One black Trump supporter, Candace Owens, who goes by the alias “Red Pill” online, has been an extremely pivotal voice when it comes to exposing the Democrats’ disgusting use and abuse of minorities.

As Owens puts it, “With Black Americans, the main issue is that we keep voting Democrat and expecting different results.”

It seems many other African Americans have realized this, having watched liberals pretend to care about them for decades in order to get elected, then abandoning them once the results of the election are in.

Democrats don’t care about the quality of life for any Americans, and in fact, they prefer all of us to live in poverty and be dependent on the government, which ensures them more votes in the future.

Thanks to people like Candace “Red Pill” Owens, more Americans of all races are talking about this, and have put their faith in outsider candidates like Donald Trump, whose promises to help us are far more genuine than the career political elites.



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