Rep. Jim Jordan: Obama team kept going after Flynn despite no wrongdoing

Image: Bombshell in Peter Strzok’s notes: Obama says ‘the right people’ on Flynn case, Biden suggests ‘Logan Act’

We’ve always knew that Obama was orchestrating these criminal activities against the Trump team. That is the thing with banana republic mindsets, i.e. leftists, they are basically all dictators, and for a dictator to survive, he has to know EVERYTHING!

So he knew, but not only did he knew, he ordered it ..

Even though these are bombshells revelations, it’s also revealing in other ways. As I wrote, we knew Obama was orchestrating these criminal activities, but it also reveals how inept and incompetent he was when it came to implementing the crimes, he really thought no one would find out .. The deep state is slipping, collapsing, failing to protect their crime-boss. Treason, lock him up then hang him high!

R. J. L.

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Video: Fox Business

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, reacts to the news that a federal appeals court ordered the dismissal of the case against former Trump administration National Security adviser Michael Flynn. #FoxBusiness


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Yeah, that is a problem, even more time with a President following the law .. Can’t have that!!



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What kind of a problem would need FAKE and manipulated documentation?

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