Steve Hilton: Why a second Trump term is so important

Image: Tim Scott denounces statue removals: ‘Tearing down the history for the sake of anarchy is not how we make progress in this country’

The rioting, murders and violence wouldn’t have been possible without the support (also financially) of the “establishment”!

How desperate are you when you are allowing cities to burn, how much more are you willing to accept, how much further are you willing to let this slip?

The real criminals are the puppet masters, the cowards lurking in the shadows, the “establishment” (Deep State) making this possible!

R. J. L.

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Video: Fox News

2016 was a populist revolution and, ever since, the establishment have been desperate to get their power back.


The Deep State (the establishment) candidate, the puppet that will secure the return of power to the same “establishment!”


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