Senator Jodi Ernst Says Obama Has NO PLAN to Fight Islamic Terrorism

Hillary will be the 3rd Obama term – he passed the symbolic “baton” to her at the disastrous DNC convention, held last month in Philadelphia.

So, the question remains – if he as no plan to fight radical Islamic terror, how will Hillary?

She’s more concerned with bringing in ISLAMIC refugees and supporting illegals.

Furthermore, Hillary can’t even stand up by herself, how on earth will she FIGHT ISIS?

She is a weak leader based on her lack of accomplishments, her weakness is now even more pronounced, thanks to her failing and FRAIL health.

If elected, no one will ever take her seriously and her health issues (if she even makes it) would plague her for her entire term.

Senator Jodi Ernst, a staunch Trump supporter spoke out against Obama and his lack of leadership and understanding of what RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR IS.

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