WATCH – CNN Host Tries to Humiliate Trump, But Trump’s Response Left Him BREATHLESS

Donald Trump has distinguished himself throughout this election cycle for being the voice of common sense and reason. One CNN host learned this the hard way during a recent interview.

Anderson Cooper tried to press Trump on many of the dominant liberal attacks and talking points regarding his campaign, but Trump responded with a well thought out and balanced counterargument. 

You see, this is a common strategy among liberals. They are always engaged in blatant attempts to change the dialogue on any sort of issue.

Donald Trump did not take the bait, however, and he kept the conversation on his terms. First of all, he discussed his immigration plan with Cooper, responding to claims he had softened on it.

Contrary to that dialogue, Trump delineated his plan by saying the wall was not only still going to be built, but he was also going to utilize tunnel technology to keep illegal immigrants at bay. He said he was going to continue taking steps to locate people who are in this country illegally.

Perhaps the most notable exchange in this interview was the fact that Trump outlined his plans to crack down on sanctuary cities like San Francisco.

Anderson Cooper quickly realized he was fighting a losing battle on this, which is why he likely pivoted to a different question.

Cooper’s next attempt was also pretty sad, however, because he questioned Trump on his “bigot” comments regarding Hillary Clinton. Although part of Cooper’s agenda was likely to try to get Donald Trump to commit a gaffe, he wasn’t successful.

Trump made a solid point, indicating that the main reason Hillary Clinton is bigoted is because she realizes her policies will not work with minorities. That’s right, folks. If you want this entire country to look like Detroit, then you should support Hillary.

You’ll be sorry if you do support her, though, because not only is she not qualified, she doesn’t have a fraction of the poise Donald Trump has under hostile circumstances—or even interview situations.

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