Several hundred participated in Palestine demonstration in Oslo – urged to kill Jews

The Palestinian Commission held a Nakba demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in Parkveien, Oslo. Marking of the Nakba Day, and the United States relocation of the embassy to Jerusalem. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

“Vi roer oss ikke ned før palestinerne får leve et fritt og verdig liv, med fulle rettigheter, sa leder Tora Systad Tyssen i Fellesutvalget for Palestina da hun talte til folkemengden som samlet seg utenfor ambassaden.”

We do not calm down until the Palestinians can live a free and worthy life, with full rights, “said Tora Systad Tyssen in the Joint Committee for Palestine when she spoke to the crowd gathered outside the embassy.

She totally forgot the fact that she was talking to Palestinians living in Norway where the closest they get to war is the violent crimes they themself commit. These are not Palestinians, these are Arabian freeloaders and criminals living in Norway pretending to be refugees in order to milk the society of social benefits.”

“Hun påstår at statsminister Erna Solberg (H) har «frekkhetens nådegave», da hun har ment at begge parter i konflikten bør roe seg ned.”

She claims that Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) had some nerve,” as she have stated that both sides of the conflict should calm down.

Actually, only the terrorists needs to calm down, ie. Hamas and their henchmen. Israel is defending its borders.

“– “Khaybar khaybar ya yahud” (Khaybar, Khaybar, dere jøder), lød det fra flere mannlige demonstranter, tilsynelatende av utenlandsk bakgrunn. Dette er en referanse til en massakre på jøder utført av Muhammed ved Khaybar-oasen i år 628.”

“Khaybar Khaybar Ya Yahud” (Khaybar, Khaybar, You Jews), was shouted from several male protesters, apparently of foreign origin. This is a reference to a massacre of Jews performed by Muhammad at the Khaybar Oasis in 628.

“Flere fagforeninger, ungdomsforeninger og partiene SV, Rødt og Oslo Arbeiderparti var blant arrangørene av demonstrasjonen.”

Several unions members, youth organizations and the political parties SV, Rødt and Oslo Labor Party were among the organizers of the demonstration.

“Resett-kommentator Shurika Hansen var en av vitnene til opptrinnet. Hun forteller om en svært truende og aggressiv stemning blant demonstrantene.”

Resett-commentator Shurika Hansen was one of the witnesses of the demonstration. She describes some of the participants as a very threatening and aggressive group.

“– Det var menn som trampet og skrek, også hadde de et kamprop, som Muhammed selv skal ha brukt da han angrep jøder. Dette var kanskje 100 meter unna Israels ambassade. De var svært aggressive, det var veldig skremmende, sier Hansen. Men det var også flere nordmenn til stede blant demonstrantene.”

“There were men who stamped their feet while screaming, they also used a battle cry that Muhammad himself are said to have used when he attacked Jews. This was about a 100 meters from the Israeli embassy. They were very aggressive, it was very scary, says Hansen. But there were also Norwegians present among the protesters.

“– Det var mange etniske nordmenn i Palestina-skjerf der. De ropte “Boikott Israel”. Jeg tror ikke de vet hva de egentlig var med på.”

“There were many ethnic Norwegians in Palestine scarves there. They shouted “Boikott Israel”. I do not think they knew what they really was taking part in.



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