State Dept Sent Out Blank US Visas & It’s Being Used By ANYONE In Afghanistan

Image: Media Turns On Biden: “Why Do You Continue To Trust The Taliban Mr. President?”

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Who controls the media? Who was milking billions out of the Afghanistan war?
Answer: The deep state
Now, who controls the deep state?
Answer: The uniparty (criminal globalists)

Meaning, the noise in the media is just that, – noise ..
.. but, if even the FAKE polls are tanking?

R. J. L.

Video: Mr Producer Media
David Fox, an American trapped in Kabul it’s claiming that the State Department sent out blank US visas, which were printed and filled out by anyone and everyone in Kabul, including the Taliban


American Trapped in Afghanistan: We’re in Huge Danger, We Need Help

Video: Mr Producer Media
American teacher trapped in Afghanistan: “It is insane…They’re not letting anyone in. We are in huge danger and we need help.”


Afghanistan Epitaph

The people of Afghanistan had twenty years to experience Afghan government and decide that it was not worth fighting for. The stories are legion:

  • The first president, Karzai, constantly releasing captured terrorist leaders as he dealt directly with the Taliban.
  • President Karzai’s brother being the top gangster of Kandahar. The Afghan Air Force heroin-smuggling ring.
  • The Thursday Man Love sessions for all the pedophiles of the Afghan police and military.
  • The “ghost” soldiers and ever-stolen supplies of the Afghan Army.
  • The massive vote fraud of the Afghan presidential elections.
  • The Afghan judges who gave no justice without a bribe.
  • In sum, the Afghan government had the façade of a constitutional system — but inside its halls, it was a collection of thieves and robbers getting as much as could be gotten while the money was flowing.

Did Afghanistan become more like the USA, or the other way around?

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