Stunning Infographic Reveals Why Hillary Lost – Obama Voters Voted TRUMP!

Team Hillary’s post-election tantrum has been a non-stop finger pointing exercise – first Comey, then “Fake News,” then Putin, the media, then back to Comey.

You never know who Hillary is going to blame next, you just know she’ll never blame the person whose fault it is for her losing – herself.

These stunning infographics show the REAL reason Hillary lost, Obama voters in the suburbs of key states voted for TRUMP in 2016.

From The Federalist

The White Working Class Finally Breaks Red

In many ways, Clinton’s losses across the Rust Belt and blowouts in the South merely completed a decade-long schism of choice separating national Democratic leaders from the blue-collar base they had depended on since the Great Depression. For years, Democrats straddled this line between the party’s chardonnay-swilling donors and beer-drinking voters. But such straddling is no longer even attempted.

Democratic candidates are now expected to be enforcers for multiculturalist bullying and apostles for the gospel of environmental regulation, both condescending tasks that by design offend or harm voters in Middle America.

Trump’s victory marks the first time in the last eight presidential elections in which the Republican nominee has carried every traditional presidential battleground in the Great Lakes region—Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Trump even came within a whisker of carrying deep-blue Minnesota, which no Republican has done in a generation.

With the exception of Detroit, Hillary got the votes she needed out of the Rust Belt’s big cities, scoring comparable margins to Barack Obama’s in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Des Moines, and Cleveland.

Trump won by attracting the votes of the same people who had voted only for Democrats for president for a generation in less-urban places like Ashtabula County, Ohio. The mid-sized industrial county on Lake Erie gave Hillary Clinton just 38 percent of its votes—17 points less than it gave Obama in 2012 and 15 points less than it gave Michael Dukakis in 1988.




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