Syria ‘to join’ Paris climate agreement, US to be only country opposed to pact

Image: Here are all the countries that signed on to the Paris climate agreement

Syria plans to join the 2015 Paris agreement for slowing global warming, isolating the US as the only country opposed to the pact, Reuters said, citing delegates at UN climate negotiations in Germany. Syria and Nicaragua were the only two nations outside the 195-nation pact when it was agreed in 2015. Nicaragua has said it will join, while US President Donald Trump announced in June that he intended to quit the pact.

Syria’s delegate reportedly told a meeting in Bonn that the war-torn country planned to sign up for the pact that seeks to curb rising temperatures by cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Also on Tuesday, AFP quoted a French presidential aide as saying that Trump is not among the approximately 100 heads of state and government invited to next month’s climate summit in Paris. Representatives of the US government will attend.


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