Syrian official promises fast response to downed plane Syrian official: Response to Israel ‘at the appropriate time,’ attempts to remove allies will be foiled.


A Syrian official told Lebanon’s Elnashra website that Syria would respond to the downing of a Syrian plane which had infiltrated Israeli territory.

One of the pilots was killed. It is not clear what happened to the second pilot.

Syria denies that the aircraft entered Israeli territory.

“Damascus is not in a hurry to go to war against Israel, which is trying to stop the military operation against concentrations of terrorists in southern Syria,” the official, who was not named, told Elnashra.

“The response to the downed plane will not take long, and it will be in several steps, the first of which will be that the military operations will be completed. A direct response to the Israeli forces will come at the appropriate time.

“The third response will be to foil every attempt to drive Syria’s allies out of the region.”



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