Tables Are Turned As Middle Eastern Countries SUPPORT Travel Ban…

Despite the media’s hysteria, Middle Eastern countries will have no problem with President Donald Trump’s travel ban as they’ve enacted a travel ban of their own.

Quartz reports:

In his first foreign trip as US president, Donald Trump “united the entire Muslim world in a way that it really hasn’t been in many years,” one of his officials told the press. Well, if so, it didn’t stay united long.

On Monday, six Arab countries abruptly cut diplomatic ties with Qatar — an American ally hosting one of the largest US military bases in the Middle East, and instrumental to the launch of airstrikes against ISIL. The group, led by Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, so far includes Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the government of the eastern part of Libya (which isn’t UN-recognized), and the Maldives. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have banned travel to and from Qatar, given Qatari diplomats 48 hours to leave and other Qatari citizens two weeks. Several airlines in the region have already stopped flights to Qatar.

Trump effectively got a travel ban, except not his travel ban, which is desperately needed to secure the lives of innocent American citizens and prevent the degradation of culture and western lifestyle.


Adopt Our Values or Leave! | Tucker on Trump’s London Tweets, Immigration Strategy

Publisert 5. jun. 2017

6-5-17: Tucker Carlson, Charles Krauthammer, and Mustafa Tameez reflect on President Trump’s travel ban following the latest incident in London.



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