The FBI is America’s Greatest Domestic Terrorist Threat Today

Image: Who Were the FBI Infiltrators on Jan. 6? – Who Were the Violent Green Tape, Orange Tape and Black Bloc Operatives? Patriot Groups Say They Are Not Familiar With Them

The FBI missed the Boston bomber, the muslim slaughter in a Orlando night club, every single school shooting the last 50 years, just to mention a few example. The FBI can’t be bothered with real crimes because they are way too busy organizing and initiate their own crimes, which include both entrapment and deception (even murder).

R. J. L.

Video: Dinesh D’Souza
It makes no sense to talk of FBI procedures and what the manual says when the FBI doesn’t follow those procedures. Here I make my case that the FBI itself, not some white supremacist group, is the greatest domestic terrorist threat in the country today.

So Much Of What The CIA Used To Do Covertly It Now Does Overtly

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