They Hate Trump’s Wall – Because Border Walls Work

Image: Trump is right: Walls work on the southern border

Jared Taylor analyzes the hysteria over President Trump’s proposed border wall. Many critics say it won’t work – but also say it would be “inhumane” or “immoral.” It would be “immoral” only because it would work. Taylor cites the record of many famously successful border barriers and notes that 65 percent of the world’s population lives in countries with barriers. Teen Vogue – yes, Teen Vogue – gets the last word.

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How a border wall with Mexico brings security to a small Texas community

Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine explores the border wall in the Texas town of Los Indios. Mulshine met with the mayor who supports President Trump and believes the wall has brought safety and security to families in his community. (Video by Andre Malok and Paul Mulshine | NJ Advance Media for


Ted Cruz Wants EL CHAPO to Pay for the Border Wall

The El Chapo Act would take funds seized from El Chapo when he was arrested and use them to pay for Trump’s border wall. Ted Cruz lays it out step by step.

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US Mezico Border Wall – America’s Wall (Compilation)

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