Thousands Of Military Did Not Receive Absentee Ballot

Reports are coming in that many military personnel have not received their absentee ballots in time for their votes to be counted this election.

With over 1 million men and women deployed overseas, this is a national disgrace.


This is nothing new. Obama was widely accused of suppressing the military vote back in 2012.

When Americans vote for president in November, many of the 1.4 million active-duty U.S. military personnel stationed or deployed overseas will not know whether their absentee ballots have reached their home states to be counted. And the federal Election Assistance Commission, charged with monitoring their votes, may not know either.

Under the Help America Vote Act, the ballots of military and overseas voters are supposed to be tallied by their home states and sent to the EAC, which reports them to Congress. But a News21 analysis of the EAC’s data found at least 1 in 8 jurisdictions reported receiving more ballots than they sent, counting more ballots than they received or rejecting more ballots than they received. [CRONKITENEWS]




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