Tomi Lahren Slams Liberal College “A Day Without White People” Event

It’s an unbelievable time we are living in.

A liberal college student body organizes an event that demands all white people LEAVE campus on the “event” day.

A liberal teacher with a conscience tells them this is wrong.

The faculty and administration then sides with….yup, you guessed it, the student body.

Liberals want to bring back segregation in America. 

From FoxNews

Tomi Lahren, of the Great America Alliance, said recent kerfuffles on college campuses prove the new generation is “fighting for segregation.”

She reacted to several protests at Evergreen State University in Washington, including one where a professor was cornered and ordered to leave campus because he was white.

The students were taking part in a self-described “day without whiteness.”

Lahren said previous generations fought against segregation, but the “new generation is fighting for segregation.”

Tucker Carlson called on Gov. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ office to investigate possible civil rights offenses by the students.

He said the protesting youth effectively run the college because President George Bridges’ powers appear neutered.




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