Tomi Lahren Weighs Difference in Public Outcry Between Terrorism and Police Shootings

Tomi Lahren took a moment on her show, “Tomi,” to compare the difference in public reactions between police shootings and terrorist violence.

While many politicians have reputations for dragging their feet and being overly cautious about what to call violence linked to radical Muslims — and especially about describing probably motives — Lahren argued that crowds are too quick to gather and get violent in the wake of each police shooting, which aren’t as clear-cut on motive as terrorist activity.

“Yes, I will talk about Terence Crutcher,” Lahren said. “This is a tragedy, no doubt about it.

A recently released video from a Tulsa, Oklahoma, police vehicle showed Terence Crutcher, who is black, walking toward his SUV with his hands up before a white female officer fatally shot him a few seconds later.

“The footage doesn’t look good. That’s why there will be a full investigation by the justice department and Tulsa PD. That how this thing works. If it wasn’t justified it would be prosecuted in that matter,” Lahren said. “Why is it that we aren’t supposed to mention Islam, even when it’s clear Islamic radical terror is the culprit? Why is it that we can’t seem to come up with a motive? Oh, but when a white officer uses force against a black suspect for any reason, automatically, without hesitation, it’s about white racism.

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