Hot, home video of Hillary confiding in felon friend about emails in 2000, and how FBI CAN prove intent

Hillary Clinton is living a self-inflicted email nightmare, and according to a video circulating the internet, she knew it was coming.

A Twitter user posted video of Clinton discussing why in the world she would ever use an email account. The clip was purportedly taken from an ABC report from 2000 that shows home video from convicted felon Peter F. Paul.

It appears the report was to prove a connection between Clinton and Paul, a former lawyer who was convicted for conspiracy and drug dealing. He was also convicted for securities fraud in connection with his business dealings with comic-book tycoon Stan Lee, according to Wikipedia.  But it’s what Clinton is overheard saying that is grabbing people’s attention today.

“And my… why would I have ever wanted to do email? Can you imagine?” Hillary is heard telling Paul and Lee.


Read more of that story here .. but notice another thing in that picture, the link at the upper right corner. That still works (on the video), Bernie Sander is still collecting money for his 2016 presidential bid .. Isn’t that nice, special and ILLEGAL?


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