Trump Campaign: Biden ‘Politicized’ Executive Privilege

Published May 17, 2024

The Trump campaign Thursday accused President Joe Biden of hypocrisy with executive privilege after refusing to release audio of his interview with special counsel Robert Hur.

Biden asserted executive privilege over the audio of his Hur interview that is at the center of a Republican effort to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress, the Justice Department told lawmakers earlier in the day.

“Crooked Joe Biden and his feeble administration have irretrievably politicized the key constitutional tenet of executive privilege, denying it to their political opponents while aggressively trying to use it to run political cover for Crooked Joe,” Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung wrote in a statement.

Biden’s DOJ has denied former President Donald Trump claim of executive privilege in his court cases that involve classified documents and the seeking of investigations into 2020 election integrity.

The Supreme Court heard arguments in April over Trump’s claim of immunity. A ruling is expected no later than the end of June.

The House Oversight and Accountability and the Judiciary Committees are each expected to hold a hearing to recommend the full House refer Garland to the DOJ for the contempt charges over the department’s refusal to hand over the audio.



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Published May 16, 2024

Joe Biden claimed executive privilege over the recording of his interview with former special counsel Robert Hur on Thursday. The move came after House Republicans subpoenaed the tape as part of its investigation into the issue.

A transcript of the interview was released some months prior, with Hur describing Biden as confused and having memory issues throughout. Initially, the White House lied, claiming that the special counsel brought up the death of the president’s son, leaving him flustered. Hur debunked that during congressional testimony, showing that it was Biden who brought it up, getting the year of death wrong in the process.

See if you can spot the problem with the reason the president gave for claiming executive privilege.

Now, I’m no expert on executive privilege, though I dabble as best I can. Still, I’m pretty sure there’s no provision for claiming it solely because a president believes the result will harm him politically. Yet, that’s exactly what Biden is admitting to doing. Naturally, the above CNN reporter (and the Associated Press among others who repeated Biden’s justification) aren’t the least bit bothered by that and are showing zero journalistic curiosity.



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Published May 17, 2024

During Thursday’s daily briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre was asked about why President Joe Biden invoked executive privilege over audio interviews with former Special Counsel Robert Hur. Hur conducted the interviews as part of his investigation into Biden’s mishandling of classified information. The transcript and Hur’s report on the investigation exposed Biden’s mental decline.

First, Jean Pierre claimed the move was made after a request from Attorney General Merrick Garland for Biden to do so, citing the need to protect sources and methods, and then she punted the question to the White House Counsel’s office.





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