Trump Launches TV Ad About Clinton’s ’50 Points Ahead’ Question

Donald Trump’s campaign is running a television ad critiquing Hillary Clinton for asking an audience why she isn’t 50 points ahead of the Republican nominee.

The ad is titled, “Why?” and is running nationally.

“Hillary Clinton’s career is a decades-long highlight reel of moments in which Clinton puts her self-interests over the needs of everyday Americans,” Trump’s senior communications adviser Jason Miller states in a press release announcing the ad.

He continued:

To be clear, Hillary Clinton is in this race to enrich herself and line the pockets of her Wall Street donors. Why is out of touch Hillary Clinton not 50 points ahead? The answer is pretty clear. Voters want a change in direction and only Donald J. Trump can provide that change.

The ad’s voiceover answers Clinton’s question about why she isn’t 50 points ahead of Trump by reminding Americans that the FBI director found Clinton lied about her emails, alleged that ISIS and terrorism has spread under her watch and that she called many Americans “deplorables.”




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