Tucker: Ballot harvesting makes a mockery of the secret vote

Image: CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump Lying About Connection Between Vote-by-Mail and Voter Fraud

Like I’ve said so many times before: Everything by and from the left is FAKE. They cheat, steal and lie. Without voter fraud there would be no Democrats running anything – anywhere.

Video: Fox News

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ investigates new calls for mail-in voting and how it will effect the 2020 election; Adam Laxalt, former Nevada attorney general weighs in. #FoxNews #Tucker


Donald Trump: ‘Twitter Is Now Interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election’

Trump Campaign: Twitter ‘Fact Check’ Proof of Silicon Valley Obstruction

Leftists can’t fact-check, it’s impossible – as documented!



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President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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