Two Paths To Herd Immunity

Image: Lockdown Forever: More than Half of U.S. States Reverse Reopening, Reimpose Restrictions

Those who are virtue signalling low IQ nonsense loudest are those who are most afraid of the fascist mob (criminal leftists). The best you can hope for is that they come for, and cancel you, last ..: ‘F*ck This’: Alyssa Milano Demands ‘National Shut Down Now’

Video: Tony Heller

Sweden and New York both appear to approaching herd immunity. Sweden did it through thoughtful planning and science, and New York did it through mass carnage and chaos.


LancetGate: Big Pharma Corruption And Their COVID-19 Lies

Study Finds Coronavirus Immunity Could Be Lost In Months

Is Air Conditioning Contributing to Coronavirus Spread?



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