Two Types Of People In This World

Image: Coronavirus Case Fatality Rate (CFR) now over 18% for France, 14% for Italy, 12% for Spain, 10% for Mexico and so far 6% for the USA… orders of magnitude higher than the regular flu

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Video: Tony Heller

There are two types of people in the world. Those who want to take care of themselves, and those who want big government to take care of them.


Despite CV-19 NO INCREASE In Overall U.S. Deaths In 2020

Two-thirds of New York COVID-19 patients were sheltering in place!

Media’s Outrage At US Over EU’s COVID-19 Vaccine Fundraiser Is Baseless

Italian Parliament Told Their High COVID-19 Death Toll Is ‘False’

Coronavirus: Govts Fear Second Wave After Outbreaks in Germany, Mingling in Italy

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