UK: Muslim migrant arrested for acid attack on his three-year-old son, other attackers sought

“It is alleged that the gang bungled the attack and the three-year-old got splashed with the noxious substance accidentally in the process.”

Apparently the Muslim migrant wanted his estranged wife doused in acid, for the crime of having left him. This happens all too often to women in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is a manifestation of the culture of violence that is created by the divine sanction Islam gives to beating disobedient women (cf. Qur’an 4:34). Celebrate diversity!

“Revealed: Afghan mother of acid attack boy, 3, ‘was tracked down by her violent asylum seeker husband after she appeared in newspaper without her veil’ as police continue to quiz him,” by Martin Robinson, Joe Middleton, Emine Simnaz and Jim Norton, Daily Mail, July 24, 2018:

The father of the three-year-old boy doused in acid while shopping with his mother has been arrested and is being questioned over the attack.

The 39-year-old suspect, an Afghan asylum seeker who has not been named, was the first suspect detectives held after the boy was targeted while sitting in a pushchair during a shopping trip to Home Bargains with his mother.

Three other younger men are also being grilled in connection with Saturday afternoon’s horrific attack in Worcester after they were arrested 130 miles away in Walthamstow.

They are reportedly eastern Europeans from the Romani community and accomplished bare-knuckle fighters, their east London neighbours said.

Today a fifth man, 41, from Wolverhampton, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

It is now thought the target might have been the boy’s mother.

The couple had initially settled in Wolverhampton after fleeing war-torn Afghanistan 11 years ago.

Last year she left her husband, a taxi driver, and moved to a house in Worcester with their three children, now aged ten, eight and three, to start a new life.

A neighbour recalled shouting matches between the couple, while another said when the woman left her husband broke down in tears claiming she would not let him see their children.

It is believed the thugs who carried out the acid attack on the boy had been monitoring the family after tracking them down to their new semi-detached home.

Detectives have been questioning residents about sightings of suspicious people and vehicles in the area.

When the pair were in a relationship she would wear a full veil but in recent years had removed it and moved to an address in Worcester 30 miles away with the children.

It is believed the estranged father discovered the whereabouts of his wife when a photo appeared in a local newspaper showing one of the children at a local event.

It is alleged that the gang bungled the attack and the three-year-old got splashed with the noxious substance accidentally in the process….



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