UN Threatens “Bigoted” American Patriots With Judgment Of “Them, The Invading People”

The globalist Arab pirate wears a suit and is not the manly sort that one sees portrayed in movies. When he talks we don’t hear the typical arrgghhh that we expect of pirates but that’s part of his deceptive method. He disguises himself as a soft-spoken intelligent and refined type who would never be an intent on stealing other people’s countries.

His name is Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and his far less than impressive title is U.N. Human Rights Commissioner. Excuse us if we don’t bother to get up or don’t, it really couldn’t matter less. We’re not impressed by rich Arabs who were educated around by money extorted from the American people and the world through your price gouging oil cartel. It’s no coincidence that he just happened to marry the daughter of a consultant to big oil companies, a British geologist named Dr Godfrey Butler. That’s the circle they travel in, filthy rich on our money and over here scolding us for not doing enough with what we have left. We could tell Hussein what to do with himself, which applies some techniques used in geology.

The truth is we don’t care about your opinion as a representative of the world’s largest criminal syndicate. Your intrusive condescension and lectures are an insult and you need to just shut your hole. Americans don’t value your opinion, we will not tolerate your attempts to take over our country, and we don’t want to live with either you or your nasty, uncivilized brethren.  We Americans are just fine with you Arabs residing in your backward hellholes, we don’t need nor do we want your help in turning our country into another one.

The arrogant piece of royal UN trash came into our country and criticized our people as being “racists and xenophobes.” In his remarks Zeid Hussein spoke of the great power of their gathering at defeating the patriots of the world, those who are standing in defense of his Arab aggression.

He uses insults as his weapons of choice when attacking Americans and other civilized people opposed to their filthy invasion. He said, “We can change this here at the summit together, respect, safety and dignity for all. But not when the defenders of what is good and right are being outflanked in too many countries by race-baiting bigots, who seek to gain or retain power by wielding prejudice and deceit at the expense of those most vulnerable.”

His comments are spot on if he’s taking the unusual position that the UN is attacking the good people of the world through their Islamic invasion, though that’s doubtful. The patriots of the world are under attack by the race-baiting bigots of the UN, the Obama regime and the Democrat Party. Nobody is more prejudiced or deceitful than they are. But he’s just like the rest of them so he’s distorting the truth, and blaming the Americans, as usual.

He adds, “The bigots and deceivers, in opposing greater responsibility sharing, promote rupture.” You’re wrong again, bearded frog prince. The ones invading our country are responsible for the problems. Just go away, we have high standards and you didn’t make the cut. A prince from Jordan is nobody compared to any American. You’re not good enough for us and you and your terrorist hordes are not welcome here. Take Obama with you.

He threatened to publicly shame those who don’t submit to his demands, those who refuse to be bullied by the likes of him and his despicable parasitic UN cronies. He said, “Some of them may well be in this hall this morning. If you are here, we say to you: We will continue to name you publicly. You may soon walk away from this hall. But not from the broader judgment of ‘we the people’ – all the world’s people. Not from us.”

Americans are the original we the people, and we’re not impressed nor are we intimidated by the likes of this little weasel. The is becoming more direct in their takeover scheming as they realize that their agent on the inside, Hussein Obama, may not be followed up by another similarly anti-American globalist tool. A real American who puts our country first is now the favorite to win in November. When that happens, this asshat can go back to being a nobody inconsequential Jordanian prince that no one cares about. All his high this and high that titles, empty threats and name-calling will mean even less than they do now, when delivered before an empty UN building. Arrggghhh back at you.

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Source: Constitution Rising.com and Rick Wells.us


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