‘Victory for Hamas’: Congress members slam Biden admin for allowing UN resolution passage

The U.N. Security Council adopts Resolution 2728 (2024) 14-0, demanding an immediate ceasefire to Israel’s war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip during Ramadan and immediate release of all hostages taken from Israel and being held in Gaza, with Washington abstaining, March 25, 2024. Credit: Loey Felipe/U.N. Photo
Published March 25, 2024

“The U.N. has always been unwilling to condemn this group of terrorists, cowards and rapists,” Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman wrote.

“It’s appalling the United States allowed passage of a resolution that fails to condemn Hamas,” wrote Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.). “The U.N. has always been unwilling to condemn this group of terrorists, cowards and rapists.”

“We must stand with Israel and stop pandering to the political fringe or Hamas apologists,” he added.

“Today’s resolution is a capitulation to and victory for Hamas. It reverses what the Biden administration said was its policy linking a ceasefire to the release of hostages, even while Hamas is still holding hostages, including American hostages,” stated Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

“It does not acknowledge let alone condemn the atrocities of Oct. 7, the worst one-day massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. It includes vague pro formalanguage calling for a release of hostages, which is designed to be ignored by Hamas and will be ignored,” the Texas senator stated. “Indeed, today’s resolution will further entrench Hamas.”

He added that it “will have devastating costs to American national security and the U.S.-Israel relationship. I call on administration officials, including and especially State Department officials, to reverse these reckless and catastrophic policies. I will continue to hold them accountable until they do.”


SOURCE: www.jns.org

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Published March 25, 2024

“What the hell is the point of the UN?” That was the question asked of State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller in Monday’s briefing after the United States chose not to veto a United Nations Security Council vote demanding an Israel-Hamas ceasefire that was not conditioned on the barbaric terrorists releasing innocent hostages held in Gaza since the October 7 massacre.

The resolution today is a non-binding resolution,” Miller asserted, seeking to minimize the administration’s abandonment of its ally Israel at the U.N.

“So what’s the point, why did you abstain — why didn’t you veto?” Miller was asked.

“We didn’t veto because we thought the language…as it relates to the ceasefire and release of hostages, was consistent with the long-standing United States position,” claimed Miller.

“So you don’t believe anything is going to happen as a result of the passage of this resolution?” came the natural follow-up question.

“I think that separate and apart from this resolution we have active, ongoing negotiations to try to achieve what this resolution calls for which is the- an immediate ceasefire and a release of hostages,” said Miller. “I can’t say that this resolution’s going to have any impact on those negotiations but those negotiations are ongoing,” he reiterated, again undercutting the relevance of the United Nations.


SOURCE: www.townhall.com

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Published March 25, 2024

President Biden cleared the way Monday for the United Nations Security Council to adopt a resolution demanding Israel suspend its counterterrorism operations in Gaza without conditioning any cease-fire on the release of Israeli hostages.

Combined with a pressure campaign to deter Israel from dismantling Hamas’ last stronghold in Gaza, Biden’s signal to the terror group is clear: Keep terrorizing and holding hostages because America is pressing Israel to stop the war.


The United States is a permanent Security Council member and, as such, can veto any resolution with which it disagrees.

China and Russia used their own veto powers Friday to block an American-proposed resolution that condemned Hamas as a terrorist organization along with the Oct. 7 massacre, denounced Houthi attacks on the Red Sea and endorsed a temporary cease-fire in Gaza “in connection with the release of all remaining hostages.”


SOURCE: www.nypost.com


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