WATCH: Linda Sarsour’s Viral Vile Antisemtic Rant About Those Hostage Posters

Published November 13, 2023

We’ve seen a lot of ugliness from the anti-Israel activists in New York City, including things like trying to kick in the doors of Grand Central Stationas well as ripping down the American flag and replacing it with the Palestinian one on the eve of Veterans Day.

In amongst all the bad we’re seeing from the leftist anti-Israel activists, I would be remiss if I didn’t note the reemergence of an old, familiar voice. Familiar, not in a good way.

Sarsour has remarks from the past week that are going viral because they seem to hit every antisemitic trope they can. She was speaking in New York City about those kidnapping posters that have been put all over the city to remind people about the innocent people who are still being held hostage by Hamas. They include pictures of babies and grandmothers. Yet the images are too much for some who hate. We’ve seen instance after instance of people ripping them down. Something is wrong with you when you are ripping down a poster seeking to recover a kidnapped baby.



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“You think they’re ordinary people, trust me when I tell you they are everywhere,” says Obama’s “champion of change.”

U.S. political activist Linda Sarsour. Credit: Festival of Faiths via Wikimedia Commons.

Published November 13, 2023

There’s a theme that emerges when defending the atrocities of Hamas and its supporters: “You made us do it.” And the next step beyond that is the suggestion that the crimes committed by Hamas and its supporters were really a form of entrapment by Israel.

You see this argument in the suggestion that Israel deliberately lowered its guard to allow Hamas to kill, rape and kidnap Israelis.

And you see it in Linda Sarsour, a politically influential Islamist and the godmother of Islamist antisemitism in America, arguing that the kidnap posters are a Jewish conspiracy to make her side look like the heartless evil monsters that they are.



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And so is the ‘Islamophobia’ dodge

Published November 12, 2023

Precisely one week after the October 7 massacre of Israeli citizens, foreign nationals, and Jews of all stripes by hundreds of Hamas terrorists and their supporters in Gaza, President Joe Biden delivered an address at the Human Rights Campaign’s 2023 national dinner. There, according to Reuters’s characterization of Biden’s remarks, the president condemned “all hate.”

“We have to reject hate in every form,” Biden said to a smattering of unenthusiastic applause. “History has taught us again and again anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia—they’re all connected.” Hate “left unanswered” only “opens the door for more hate,” the president continued. For the benefit of the largely Democratic audience, Biden likened the grotesque orgy of bloodletting in southern Israel to “what happened in Charlottesville”—at least, insofar as hate “hides under the rocks until there’s a little oxygen blown under,” at which point “it comes roaring out again.”

To hear Biden tell it, there is only one hate. Its permutations are only cosmetically distinct. There must be comfort in that notion for him, because the Biden White House spent the first three weeks that followed the 10/7 massacre insisting that anti-Semitism and “Islamophobia” are twin phenomena. But the world refused to cooperate with Biden’s observation. As is often the case, the poisoned minds who see Jewish perfidy in day-to-day events found license in the murder of Jews to mete out more violence and intimidation.





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