What Mike Pence Did For This Police Officer on Live TV Will Make Trump President

After 2 Police Officers in Des Moines Iowa who were killed in the line of duty, Policemen around the country looked to fellow officers for support and the nation looked to our leaders for guidance.

This is what made Mike Pence’s actions on Thursday so amazing. Immediately after he landed in Iowa for a campaign stop, Pence told Secret Service to drive he and his wife to the memorial site in Des Moines where he can meet the Police Chief and the other Grieving officers to offer his support. (Video Below)

Although there was one media outlet who rushed to the scene, Pence DID NOT do it for the media, or to make it about himself…This was unscheduled! He quietly went up with his wife to lay flowers on the casket, and quietly stood there and said a prayer.

Source: http://www.nationalinsiderpolitics.com/2016/11/06/what-mike-pence-did-for-this-police-officer-on-live-tv-will-make-trump-president/



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