Whoa! There May Be More Trump Rallies in Our Near Future!

We might even – finally – get to see the crowds ..

From TruthFeed

One thing you hear from most Trump supporters is that they miss the rallies!

I tweeted out that I wanted President Trump to be the first prez to hold spontaneous rallies while he’s in the White House!

While that may not happen, we do have some good news – it seems that President-elect Trump may take a victory lap through the states that helped push him over the top!

Imagine how WILD those victory rallies will be?!

From CNBC:

Donald Trump may take a victory tour to states that elected him president, an aide said Saturday, as boisterous protests unfolded outside the tower where he holed up with members of his transition team and fielded calls congratulating him.

Kellyanne Conway said Trump’s next public appearance was expected “in the next couple of days.” When asked if he’d take a victory tour soon, she said: “It’s possible. It’s possible. We’re working on the schedule.”

She described his day as “meetings, phone calls, conversations, interviews. What you would expect from a normal presidential transition.”

Ref.: http://truthfeed.com/whoa-there-may-be-more-trump-rallies-in-our-near-future/35504/



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