Wikipedia a SCAM: Top editors paid to protect left-wing leaders of tech giants

(Natural News) You can’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia: A shocking new report reveals the open-source network for information has been colluding to protect left-wing interests. It turns out top Wikipedia editors have been getting paid to spin articles, remove unflattering content  — and to help their high-profile clients keep their reputations smudge-free. Wikipedia may present itself as an independent informational outlet, but clearly, that’s up for negotiation. Tech leaders, media outlets and journalists of the left-wing persuasion have all benefited from back-door deals with Wikipedia editors to change the content of their Wiki pages — emphasizing their “good” points, while de-accentuating (or totally censoring) their controversies.

What this means is that Wikipedia editors are getting paid to whitewash Wiki pages for prominent liberals and industry leaders. While the site’s liberal bent was already obvious, this news solidifies Wikipedia status as a left-wing rag.

Wikipedia editors conspire to protect left-wing agenda

As Breitbart reportsHuffington Post’s Ashley Feinberg detailed the exploits of Wikipedia editors getting paid to manufacture content that would paint top clients in a better light. Former journalist Ed Sussman reportedly worked as a paid Wikipedia editor.

Sussman’s customers include Facebook, Axios, and NBC. While Sussman argues that because he “worked within the rules,” he didn’t do anything wrong. Indeed, just because something is unethical doesn’t make it illegal.

Writing for Breitbart, T.D. Adler contends that “several of Sussman’s requests involved removing or watering down potentially damaging material about clients, even when citing sources considered reliable on the site.” Adler states these actions seem to violate Wikipedia’s own neutrality policy.

According to Adler, Sussman also canvassed editors in order to get favorable responses to his requests. And Sussman isn’t the only one to do these things.

Beutler Ink, a paid editing firm run by Wikipedia blogger William Beutler, was also paid to edit the Wiki pages of multiple high-profile clients, including a CNN journalist. Beutler and Sussman reportedly used similar tactics. Beutler also edited for Obama-era ambassadors and CEOs of major tech companies like Intel and Reddit.

Dismissing the obvious

As Adler reports, Wikipedia’s response to all of these allegations has amounted to nothing more than a simple shrug of the shoulders. The information collective claims that as long as the rules are being followed, there’s nothing wrong with paid editing — even if it is for political gain.

But, as the reports clearly show, many paid editors are not following the rules, and no one is stopping them. They’re not even getting a slap on the wrist. So, apparently, it’s fine to whitewash controversial history and totally remove relevant, valid information, provided it’s done to benefit a fellow liberal.

Wikipedia’s current system of allowing paid editors to write propaganda if they “follow the rules” is rife with holes — as evidenced by the canvassing done by Sussman and Beutler. Clearly, these “rules” are easily circumvented. You can bet that if these paid editors were caught helping conservatives, there’d be calls for Wikipedia to do a total overhaul of their review process — and the company would probably be issuing a public apology.

This is not the first time Wikipedia has been in hot water. In recent years, Wikipedia has consistently come under fire for being dominated by agenda-pushing trolls. Whether it’s the pharmaceutical industry obscuring information on natural cures or pushing fake science, Wikipedia is there, giving these paid shills a platform to stand on.



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