World warns Israel to obey ICJ on Gaza aid as Netanyahu plans Rafah assault

Published March 29, 2024

Countries, rights groups call for surge in food aid to Gaza and say Israel ‘must stop starving civilians and children’.

Countries have called for Israel to obey an International Court of Justice order to allow the unimpeded delivery of aid into Gaza, where famine has set in, as it continues to flout a United Nations Security Council resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in the enclave.

Judges at the UN’s top court, which is examining South Africa’s charge that Israel is committing genocide, unanimously delivered a legally binding ruling on Thursday that Israel should “take all necessary and effective measures to ensure, without delay … the unhindered provision … of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance” in Gaza.

South Africa’s presidency welcomed the order, a provisional measure in its genocide case.

The fact that Palestinian deaths are not solely caused by bombardment and ground attacks, but also by disease and starvation, indicates a need to protect the group’s right to exist,” it said in a statement.

Echoing the judges’ ruling, the presidency said the only way for Israel to fulfil its responsibilities to prevent genocide would be to adhere to the court’s directives and to halt military operations in Gaza.

Earlier in the week, the UN Security Council passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire for the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan and the release of all captives seized in the Hamas-led attack on southern Israel on October 7.



RELATED: Israel has ‘no choice’ but Rafah offensive, Netanyahu tells US members of Congress

Published March 28,  2024
Near Haifa, Israel CNN — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told a group of US members of Congress that “victory” in Gaza and “getting” Hamas’ senior leadership in the enclave are just “a few weeks away.”

Speaking to a bipartisan group from Congress on Wednesday, Netanyahu said: “We’ve killed many senior leaders [of Hamas], including number four in Hamas, number three in Hamas. We’ll get number two and number one. That’s victory. Victory is within reach. It’s a few weeks away.”

Hosting the congressional delegation, which the Prime Minister’s Office said was organized by the pro-Israel lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said it was “very important to maintain bipartisan support” but “especially in these trying times.”

Netanyahu said that Israel “had no choice” but to move into Rafah as the country’s “very existence is on the line.”



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Published March 28,  2024
JERUSALEM, March 28 (Reuters) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday asked Israel’s top court to defer a March 31 deadline for the government to come up with a new military conscription plan that would address mainstream anger at exemptions granted to ultra-Orthodox Jews.
The decades-old controversy has become especially sensitive as Israel’s armed forces, made up mostly of teenaged conscripts and older civilians mobilised for reserve duty, wage a nearly six-month-old war in Gaza to try to eliminate the Islamist Hamas movement that rules the Palestinian enclave.



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