Hamas, Islamic Jihad Reject Proposal to End War by Giving Up Power in Gaza

Published December 26, 2023

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, two Iranian-backed terror groups in the Gaza Strip, have rejected an Egyptian proposal to end the ongoing war by giving up power over the territory, according to Reuters on Monday.

Reuters reported:

Hamas and the allied Islamic Jihad have rejected an Egyptian proposal that they relinquish power in the Gaza Strip in return for a permanent ceasefire, two Egyptian security sources told Reuters on Monday.

Both groups, which have been holding separate talks with Egyptian mediators in Cairo, rejected offering any concessions beyond the possible release of more hostages seized on Oct. 7 when militants broke into southern Israel, killing 1,200 people.

Egypt proposed a “vision”, also backed by Qatari mediators, that would involve a ceasefire in exchange for the release of more hostages, and lead to a broader agreement involving a permanent ceasefire along with an overhaul of leadership in Gaza, which is currently led by Hamas.


SOURCE: www.breitbart.com

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Published December 25, 2023

Iranian-backed terror groups Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad reportedly rejected Monday an Egyptian-brokered peace proposal that would call for the groups to relinquish power in the Gaza Strip as a condition for a permanent cease-fire in the war.

Two Egyptian security sources said the plan would involve Hamas ending its 17-year reign over Gaza with the formation of a Palestinian parliament followed by free elections, the New York Post reported Monday.

Egypt’s plan, backed by Qatar, would involve a pause to the war of two weeks in exchange for the release of about 40 hostages. More than 100 Israeli hostages are being held by the groups since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack orchestrated by Hamas that led to the massacre of more than 1,200 Israeli civilians.

It is believed this gesture would lead to a broader agreement involving a permanent cease-fire along with the replacement of the Hamas leadership in Gaza with a parliamentary government. The phase of the agreement would see all the remaining hostages freed in exchange for an end to the war and the Israeli military’s exit from Gaza.

But the terrorist groups said the only thing they will discuss is a prisoner swap that would see the release of the Israeli hostages in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.


SOURCE: www.newsmax.com

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Published December 25, 2023

Israel isn’t backing down from its goal of ending Hamas following the Iran-backed terrorists’ barbaric massacre on October 7 according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Instead, in defiance of outside pressure to end operations in response to the war begun by Hamas and continued through endless weeks of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, Netanyahu said the IDF’s operations in Gaza would be expanding in the days and weeks ahead.

“We are not stopping,” Netanyahu said. “We are expanding the fight in the coming days and this will be a long battle and it isn’t close to finished.”

Israel’s latest commitment to following through on the mission of ensuring Hamas cannot attack Israel again nor continue oppressing and endangering the citizens of Gaza comes after Egypt floated a new ceasefire plan that would allow Hamas to survive. That prospect, of course, is untenable given the terrorists’ pledge to repeat the vile horrors of October 7 again and again.

A report from AP — the news outlet that was recently caught trying to claim that Israel’s operation to take out Hamas terrorists and their infrastructure was the “most destructive in history” — noted that Egypt’s plan “falls short” of Israel’s mission to stop Hamas once and for all. Specifically, the ceasefire proposal “would appear not to meet Israel’s insistence on keeping military control over Gaza for an extended period after the war” and “is unclear if Hamas would agree to relinquish power.”

That blather from AP means the proposal is fatally flawed. First, it’s laughable that Hamas would “agree” to give up power. The terrorist government funded and armed by Iran could have relinquished power at any time, laid down its arms, and ended hostilities. Hamas terrorists, of course, have not. Instead, the barbarians have followed up their October 7 attack — the deadliest single day for Jews since the Holocaust — with near-constant rocket attacks targeting Israeli civilians.


SOURCE: www.townhall.com



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