Iran said to decide on direct response to Syria strike, put forces on full alert

Published April 6, 2024

Israel and US readying for ‘significant’ retaliation to alleged IDF attack that killed 7 IRGC members, including generals; CBS says Tehran may attack with swarm of explosive drones

Iran has reportedly put its military forces on “full high alert,” as it vows revenge for an alleged Israeli strike on Monday that killed a top Iranian commander in Syria and several other Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps members.

Two Iranian officials quoted Friday by The New York Times said Iran has made a decision to directly attack Israel, in a move meant to create deterrence.

Meanwhile, a US official said the United States was on high alert and preparing for a possible attack by Iran targeting Israeli or American assets in the region.

“We’re definitely at a high state of vigilance,” the official said in confirming a CNN report that says an attack could come in the next week.

A senior administration official who spoke with CNN said the US is bracing for a “significant” attack and that both Washington and Jerusalem believe an Iranian response was “inevitable.”



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the Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth news website says the evacuated Israeli embassies include those in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Turkey.

Published April 6, 2024

Seven Israeli embassies were evacuated over fear of Iranian retaliation following the Israeli airstrike on the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital Damascus, which led to the martyrdom of seven Iranian advisors earlier this week, the Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth news website reported on Thursday.

The website mentioned that the evacuated Israeli embassies include those in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Turkey.

In a similar context, the military affairs commentator on the Israeli KAN channel, Itay Blumental, revealed that “Israel” has raised the alert level at Israeli embassies worldwide to the maximum and evacuated several missions in several countries after an assessment of the situation by the Shin Bet and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to Blumental, some Israeli representatives abroad have been relocated to alternative locations and have also been asked not to attend public events at the current stage.



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Representatives of Iran’s ‘axis of resistance’ and political and religious leaders participated in Al-Quds Day amid Gaza war.

Iranians attend the funeral procession for seven Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps members killed in a strike in Syria, which Iran blamed on Israel, in Tehran on April 5, 2024. (Atta Kenare/AFP)
Published April 6,  2024

Iran is marking Al-Quds Day with rallies across the country as the commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) promised retaliation after Israeli strikes on Iran’s consulate in Syria.

The Israeli air strikes in Damascus killed 13 people, including seven IRGC members – among them two generals leading the Corps’ Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon.

“We warn that no action by any enemy concerning our holy establishment [the Islamic Republic] will go unanswered,” Hossein Salami told a state-organised gathering of thousands in the capital Tehran on Friday to chants of “death to America” and “death to Israel”.

He said Israel is facing nothing but “defeat” in its war on Gaza regardless of whether it keeps attacking or retreats, adding that messages coming from Palestinian fighters in the enclave say “we will bury the Zionist regime in Gaza”.

“The Zionists and their American backers believe that the more they kill Muslims and besiege and displace them, the better their lives will be, but the reality is the exact opposite.”





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