Irish Villagers Erect Roadblocks To Stop Govt From Bussing Migrants Into Their Community

Residents of villages in Ireland have resorted to establishing barricades and road checkpoints around their communities to prevent the government from relocating asylum seekers to the area.
Published November 30, 2023

Locals of Dromahair in County Leitrim took the drastic measure to cordon off the village on Friday amid rumors the Department of Integration was planning to bus in dozens of foreign nationals without prior agreement by community leaders.

According to the Irish Examiner, three checkpoints were erected on roads around the village and members of the Dromahair Concerned Residents Association manned the roadblocks and checked cars as they sought to enter the area.

Protesters have expressed their discontent in recent days at the possibility of new arrivals to the town, citing security and the saturation of public services as their primary concerns.

The Irish government did not attempt to relocate the migrants on Friday and the citizens’ association in the village confirmed on Monday they had received written confirmation from Integration Minister Roderic O’Gorman that no new arrivals would descend on the town without sufficient engagement among the local residents.



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The country’s elite has become preoccupied with a far-flung culture war
Published November 29, 2023

Last week’s Dublin riots saw the most riot police deployed in Irish state history, according to the country’s justice minister. While the immediate cause was the stabbing of several children and carers by a man who moved to Ireland from Algeria, unrest had been building for some time.

Before the riots, many outside of Ireland were unaware of just how radical the Republic’s experiment with migration over the past decade has been. The numbers speak for themselves. A full 2.8% of the population is made up of people who have moved to Ireland only in the last year. This means that if you walk down the average Irish street, one in 35 people will be newcomers to the country.

While Ireland had been accepting large numbers of migrants for a long time, this was turbocharged by the war in Ukraine. Ireland, whose political and media classes have become notably outward-looking over the past decade, wanted to prove its liberal values and committed to hosting huge numbers of Ukrainian refugees. On a per capita basis, Ireland accepted six times more refugees than Britain — and made almost no plans for how to accommodate them.



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Dublin to reassure locals when placing asylum seekers in areas ‘where there is tension and concern’, trade minister says

A car and a bus burn in Dublin last week during anti-immigrant riots © Peter Murphy/AFP/Getty Images
Published November 29, 2023

Ireland’s trade minister has vowed to heed concerns about pressure on housing days after Dublin’s worst riots in decades were stoked by far-right agitators whipping up anti-immigration fears.

“We do need to try to listen to what people are saying,” Simon Coveney told the Financial Times. That included social support and giving reassurances to local communities when placing asylum seekers in short-term accommodation such as hotels in inner city areas “where there is tension and concern”.

The Irish government has been struggling to accommodate an increasing number of refugees and on Tuesday warned about the “very real possibility” of running out of room for them in the coming days.

But Coveney denied Ireland was following fellow EU member states such as the Netherlands and Italy where more than a fifth of voters opt for anti-immigrant parties.




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