Elon Musk’s message to advertisers fleeing X: ‘Go f**k yourself’ – as he admits responding to anti-Semitic post on X was ‘one of the most foolish’ things he’s done on the platform

Published November 30, 2023
  • Elon Musk on Wednesday appeared at New York Times’ DealBook summit
  • Musk told host Andrew Ross Sorkin that his ‘actual truth’ post was ‘foolish’
  • Musk on November 15 said an anti-Semitic tweet was ‘the actual truth’ 

It’s just as well that Elon Musk can afford to be cancelled because tonight he told his advertisers: ‘Go f*** yourself.’ 

Musk appeared at The New York Times‘ DealBook summit, and was pressed by host Andrew Ross Sorkin on his November 15 tweet and the resulting fallout. He was asked specifically about Disney CEO Bob Iger, who explained on stage earlier on Wednesday his company’s decision to pull advertising from the platform.

I hope they stop,’ said Musk, baffling the host, who replied: ‘You don’t want them to advertise?’

Musk said: ‘Don’t advertise.’ 

Ross Sorkin asked: ‘What do you mean?’

Musk said: ‘If someone is going to try and blackmail me with advertising? Blackmail me with money? Go f*** yourself. 

‘Go f*** yourself, is that clear? Hey Bob, if you’re in the audience. That’s how I feel, don’t advertise.’

Disney was not alone: Companies including Apple, Paramount, Airbnb and Uber pulled their advertising from X – a move which X internal documents projected could cost the company $75 million.

Musk said the advertising boycott could ‘kill the company.’


SOURCE: www.dailymail.co.un

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Published November 30, 2029

In a profanity-laced outburst, Elon Musk has slammed advertisers that have left X, warning they will kill the social media platform.

At an event in New York, he accused companies that have joined an ad boycott of the site formerly known as Twitter of trying to blackmail him.

“Go [expletive] yourself,” the billionaire said in an interview.

Some firms have paused advertising on X amid concerns over antisemitism, including a post from Mr Musk himself.

The Tesla and SpaceX boss apologised on Wednesday for that post, saying it might be the “dumbest” thing he has ever shared online.

But it was his response to a question about an advertising boycott by companies including Disney, Apple and Comcast that caused a stir at the gathering of leaders from the worlds of business, politics and culture.

“I don’t want them to advertise,” Mr Musk said at the New York Times’ DealBook Summit.

“If someone is going to blackmail me with advertising or money go [expletive] yourself.


SOURCE: www.bbc.com

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Published November 29, 2023

Elon Musk wasn’t having any games played by advertisers who pulled their business from Twitter, or X, in the wake of the billionaire entrepreneur’s response to a tweet many deemed to be antisemitic. It wasn’t a pretty exchange, and Musk has regretted his engagement, calling it the most “foolish” thing he’s ever done on the platform since taking it over. 

Here’s what set off the firestorm earlier this month (via The Guardian): 

Elon Musk tweeted his fervent agreement with an antisemitic statement on Wednesday night. 

A tweet posted by @breakingbaht on Wednesday night read: “Jewish communties [sic] have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them. 

The billionaire owner and CTO of X, formerly Twitter, responded the same evening: “You have said the actual truth.” In another reply, he wrote: “I am deeply offended by ADL’s messaging and any other groups who push de facto anti-white racism or anti-Asian racism or racism of any kind.” Musk has feuded with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) before, threatening to sue over its accounting of hate speech on his social media network. 


SOURCE: www.townhall.com


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