Israel Uncovers Hamas Tunnel Complex and Recovers 5 Hostages’ Bodies

Published December 24, 2023

Israeli troops found the bodies of five hostages on Sunday in a secret tunnel in Gaza.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) uncovered Hamas tunnel complexes by troops from the intelligence and engineering corps.

The tunnels included massive cave-like command rooms, toilets, and workspaces.

The bodies were identified as Warrant Officer Ziv Dado, Sgt. Ron Sherman, Cpl. Nik Beizer, Eden Zacharia, and Elia Toledano. They were brought into Israel and brought back to Israel.

“The bodies were transferred for examination to the Pathology Institute, where the circumstances of their deaths will be confirmed,” IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said in a statement. “We will update the families and then, with the families’ approval, inform the public. We share in the families’ sorrow and embrace them.

In a statement, the IDF explained the portion that led to the discovery of the bodies.



RELATED: WATCH: IDF’s Spectacular Destruction of Hamas Tunnel/Command Network They Hid in After Oct. 7 Attack

Published December 22, 2023

As Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Dec. 10, while the Israel-Gaza war is still going on, it is starting to look like the “beginning of the end” for Hamas.

People started talking about the concept of what a post-Hamas controlled Gaza would look like. Members of the Biden-Harris team made statements saying they supported Israel but then tried to tie our ally’s hands in responding to the terrorists–and trying to dictate what the post-Hamas Gaza administration would or would not look like.

Now, Israel has taken out a huge Hamas tunnel/underground network/command center in a spectacular explosion.

They showed a video of the network’s involvement, with the tunnels connected to the leaders’ homes and offices.



RELATED: Video Of IDF Dog Exploring Hamas Tunnel Goes Viral

Published December 24, 2023

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released a video that went viral Friday of one of their dogs exploring a Hamas tunnel in the Gaza Strip.

“A tunnel route — used as an underground base by the Hamas terrorist organization — was uncovered by our troops beneath the area of Issa within Gaza City. This multi-level structure served as an underground post — for storage, hideouts, command and control, and movement of operatives between different areas — and has since been destroyed by troops. Watch the IDF’s K-9 Unit reveal the hundreds of meters long tunnel network,” the IDF tweeted.

The video displayed the dog running through the tunnel for the purpose of uncovering the interior layout of the underground base. The video, which has already received over 100,000 views on Twitter, highlighted where an electricity box, blast door and hideout spaces were located.

The dog belongs to the Oketz unit of the IDF, a unit tasked with “counter-terrorism, search and rescue, and other specific purposes”, an IDF press release said.

In one tragic incident during the Israel-Hamas war, GoPro footage from a fallen IDF dog picked up the voices of hostages crying out for help in Hebrew, Ynet reported. The footage was only picked up three days after the same hostages were accidentally killed by IDF soldiers, according to the outlet. This event reportedly occurred Dec. 10, five days before the three hostages — Samer Talalka, Alon Shamriz and Yotam Haim — were reportedly accidentally killed by friendly fire on Dec. 15.





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